Dentures have been long-term choices for people with missing or badly decayed teeth. The dentures of old were primitive, but they still provided cosmetic satisfaction to patients who were suffering with lowered self-esteem and discomfort. Technology has advanced far beyond what it used to be. A Denturist can now create dentures that look and feel almost as if they are original teeth. The relearning and adjustment processes for new dentures have shortened drastically, giving denture patients easier transitions and increased qualities of life. Golden-age individuals, accident victims and persons with severe tooth decay now have several reliable options for teeth replacement. Grant Smith is a specialist who can help a dental patient to choose the most suitable denture set for his or her situation and personality.

Types of Dentures
Two main types of dentures exist: full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures replace the entire upper and lower layers of teeth. Alternatively, a patient can choose to have only one layer of teeth replaced, but obtaining a full set is the best option for visual perfection and bite precision. Normally, a dentist constructs full dentures of synthetic plastic. The teeth portion of the dentures consist of plastic materials. A person who is looking for a natural appearance can choose porcelain teeth structures, which will provide a lifelike image.

Partial dentures are structures that only replace several teeth. People who lose a few of their teeth in accidents, fights, and localized decay may opt to ask the dentist to make partial dentures. The structure of partial dentures is different from the structure of full dentures. The textures that the dentist uses differs according to the patient’s desires and budget. Temporary partial dentures, known as flippers, can provide a person with immediate replacements until he or she can afford a higher quality set. Flippers contain a thin layer of pink plastic that fits behind the teeth. The flippers also contain clasps that loosely connect them to the surrounding teeth. Using a set of flippers for a long period is not recommended, as the structure is not strong. Sometimes, flippers are shorter than the surrounding teeth, which gives them an odd appearance.

Permanent partial dentures contain internal attachments, and they give the patient a more natural look than the flipper types do. A patient can request a cemented partial denture, as well. A cemented partial denture will not come out because the dentist cements it to the adjoining teeth. The procedure prevents the other teeth from shifting, and it provides the patient with a permanent replacement for the lost teeth.

Getting Fitted for Dentures
A person who desires dentures will have to go through a process called impression. During the impression session, the specialist will mix a gummy substance and ask the patient to bite down on the substance. He or she will bite down on the substance for an appropriate amount of time, and then the dentist will send the impression to the technician to create a set of dentures that fits the person’s mouth precisely. Grant Smith Denture Studio has in-office labs which can create replacement teeth for their patients the same day. Same-day dentures allow a patient to avoid embarrassment and ridicule.

A specialist will arrange a consultation with a dental patient to ensure that he or she is eligible for denture placement. Dr. Grant will also explain the adjustment period, the costs, and alternative options the person may have. The patient will make an informed decision after a thorough educational session. Visit our Eugene denture care center today at 2756 River Road Eugene Oregon.

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January 25, 2017

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