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Denture Implants

Denture Implants Eugene OregonDenture implants are a convenient way to make dentures fit more securely helping to eliminate any clicking sound or shifting dentures. A small titanium post that is shaped like a nail with a ball instead of a flat top is implanted into the jaw bone. The bone grows around the post, and it becomes like the root of a natural tooth. The existing dentures are given a socket-like fixture that snaps on to the ball. The dentures are held in place securely, which gives confidence to the wearer. Patients agree that denture implants have a profound effect on their self-esteem.

New dentures are not required. The patient can continue to use their existing dentures that will be altered to attach to the implants. They are easy to remove by the patient for cleaning or whenever they want.

How do Denture Implants Help?

Many dentures have the tendency to float or slide around inside the mouth. They may cause embarrassment to the wearer because it becomes difficult to speak or eat when they are focusing on keeping their dentures inside their mouth, or stopping them from making a noise. If denture wearers have this difficulty, denture implants are the best solution. They stabilize your dentures, so you don’t have to constantly worry about them and can enjoy your food and contribute to the conversation. Another advantage to denture implants, also called mini dental implants (MDI), is they improve bone retention in the jaw.

Denture implants also contribute to better nutrition for the wearer because they allow you to eat foods that you previously avoided because of your dentures. For patients who are getting dentures for the first time, denture implants allow them to get smaller and less bulky dentures.

Denture implants are also the solution for dentures that are painful or uncomfortable. Patients can stop using messy denture adhesives or pastes that often don’t do the job well.

What is the procedure for placing the implants?

The placement procedure is non-invasive and relatively painless. A local anesthesia is all that is required. If the patient requests to be fully sedated, that is also an option. It can be done with one appointment in the office. It takes about an hour to place four implants in the lower or upper jaw. The lower jaw is the most popular place for implants because the lower denture is the most difficult to keep in place. However, denture implants can also be placed in the upper jaw to stabilize upper dentures.

No sutures are required and the healing period is short. After the posts are planted in the jaw, a corresponding fixture is added to the denture. It is adjusted, so the denture can easily snap on to the implants. In this relatively short period of time, you can have dentures that are tight-fitting, so you can eat, speak and laugh confidently. This is one dental procedure that will have a tremendous positive impact on the lifestyle of any denture wearer.

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