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dentures eugene orAre you having a problem with your partial dentures or full dentures? Did you lose them in the pool or break them on some harsh food? Perhaps you had a dental mishap in the form of a tussle with another person. Did that tussle cause one or two of your “teeth” to fall out? Walking around without teeth is certainly not the position you want to be in. Our shop is here to offer you emergency denture and partial denture care. You never have to worry about operating hours because we are always here to service you.

You Can Have a Restored Smile in Less Than an Hour

We are unlike other dentist’s office in that our patients are our number one priority. That means that we will tend to your needs ASAP so that you can have a fully restored smile in less than an hour. We do not want to leave you out in the cold with a missing tooth or two. You are not the only one who will look bad with an incomplete smile. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to give you the emergency services that you need.

We Work While Your Dentist Is on Vacation

You will never hear the words “on vacation” from our office, nor will you have to wait for someone to open the office. Our specialists are waiting for your visit so they can help you to close your embarrassing gap. They can fully restore such problems as cracked dentures, lost dentures, chipped dentures, stained dentures and more. Additionally, we can set you up with a brand new set of dentures or partial dentures if you need to have one or some of your teeth removed.

Get Dentures or Partial Dentures the Same Day

We believe that you should not have to walk around without your teeth for one minute. Therefore, our experts will mold and design dentures or partial dentures for you the same day you visit. You can feel confident that you can leave our establishment with a mouthful of pearly whites. You will have an immediate boost in self-confidence, and you will have the desire to talk with other people and smile a great deal. Don’t let a simple mishap cause you despair. You may visit one of our dentures Eugene OR or Springfield OR locations for your convenience.

Patients know that they can come directly to Grant Smith Denture Studio for all of their full and partial denture services.

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