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The Solution for Missing or Broken Teeth

Losing your teeth can be difficult. Replacing them with a natural smile that is personal to you is what we do here at Grant Smith Denture Studio. We’ve all seen that “denture” look, but a properly made denture can look just like your natural teeth, or can give you the beautiful smile you’ve never had but always wanted. We provide sophisticated analysis of your oral structure, tooth and jawbone structure, as well as facial structure to ensure that your dentures are properly designed and fitted for you. Tooth and color selection are vital details that help restore your smile. With today’s technology, there’s no reason that dentures shouldn’t look natural, but dentures also need to be functional. Making dentures that are both functional and aesthetic requires experience and technical discipline.

Aren’t all dentures the same?

Not all dentures are equal. Poorly designed dentures look unnatural, taking away that personal smile you’re looking for. Dentures that are improperly fitted can also cause extreme discomfort and significant pain. Improperly designed dentures not only rob you of a confident smile, they result in the inconvenience and expense of multiple trips back to the dentist to correct problems. Dentures designed for function alone can look unnatural, while dentures designed for aesthetics alone can lead to functional failure.

With so many denture products on the market today, it’s difficult for a patient to know what is their best choice. Two, three, and four layered acrylic teeth, porcelain teeth, composite teeth. How do you know which is the right choice for you? Denture bases can be composed of light cured denture base resins, auto-polymerizing pour resins, injection resins, or press pack. Each one can look the same in the end, but the quality of each is completely different.

Small details can make all the difference between success and failure. At Grant Smith Denture Studio, each patient works with Grant Smith, a Licensed Denturist with over 35 years of experience restoring teeth. At Grant Smith Denture Studio, we promise to use our expertise to provide you with the best possible appearance and durability at a price that you can afford. Whether your teeth are broken or missing due to disease or trauma, we can help. Dental implants and bridge work are very expensive and complicated procedures. Full or partial dentures from Grant Smith Denture Studio are a much more practical and cost-effective solution for broken or missing teeth. Grant Smith Denture Studio can give you a beautiful, natural, personalized smile for less.

Why Wait?

If you’ve ever admired someone’s perfect smile and wondered their secret, it is most likely from a full set of upper and lower dentures. It’s time to stop admiring that smile from afar and do something about it. You don’t have to wait any longer to get the perfect smile that you deserve. Contact us for dentures Eugene and Springfield Oregon and schedule a free consultation to learn if our dentures are right for you. Come in today and let us help put a winning smile on your face.

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Patients know that they can come directly to Grant Smith Denture Studio for all of their full and partial denture services.

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