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Grant Smith, LD

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If you experience clicking or shifting while wearing your dentures, you have a better alternative with denture implants. As one of the most in-demand licensed denturists in Eugene, Oregon, Grant Smith, LD, offers modern denture implants for a more precise fit. Find out if you’re a candidate for denture implants by booking a consultation at Grant Smith Denture Studio. You can book your appointment through the online scheduling system or call the office.

Denture Implants Q & A

What are denture implants?

Denture implants are similar to traditional dentures, but instead of simply resting on your gums, they’re secured in with an implant. The implant is surgically placed into your jawbone. After bone and gum tissue heals around the implant, it serves as a false tooth root to anchor your dentures in place.

For a full arch, you usually get four separate implants — two near your rear molars and two closer to the front near your canines (cuspids). Once the implants are healed, your dentures simply snap into place. The implants help keep them secure, so you don’t have to deal with embarrassing slippage ever again.

How can denture implants benefit me?

Denture implants snugly stay in place, so you can feel more confident about your smile. Men and women who get denture implants report that it’s easier for them to:

  • Chew and swallow
  • Speak clearly
  • Laugh confidently

Most patients start with denture implants in the lower jaw, since the lower dentures have a greater tendency to fall out or become loose. You can certainly opt for denture implants for both your upper and lower arches, though, depending on your needs.  

Am I a candidate for denture implants?

With his extensive background and training with denture implants, denturist Grant Smith spends time evaluating your jawbone and gums to ensure you have enough tissue to support an implant. You may need X-rays or a computed tomography (CT) scan of your mouth to determine if you have adequate bone and gum tissue.

These images also help Grant Smith determine the ideal placement for your implants. After going through a thorough exam and gathering images, you should be able to find out on the spot if you’re a candidate for denture implants.

Because Grant Smith and his team offer flexible scheduling throughout the week, you can often get started on your denture implant procedure right away. In some cases though, you might need to stop taking certain blood thinning medications or supplements the day before your denture implant procedure, just to minimize issues with bleeding during placement.

Schedule your denture implant evaluation at Grant Smith Denture Studio either online or over the phone.