Denture Repair Specialist

Grant Smith, LD

Denture Specialist located in Eugene, OR

Whether you have a tooth fracture or are in need of denture repair — or full replacement — Eugene, Oregon’s leading licensed denturist, Grant Smith, LD, can help. Grant Smith Denture Studio even offers flexible appointments for urgent and emergency denture repair, so you can get your smile back on track. Book your denture repair appointment through the convenient online booking system, or call the office to schedule.

Denture Repair Q & A

What does denture repair include?

As strong and sturdy as dentures are designed to be, things can still go wrong. Between dropping your dentures, biting down on something hard, or experiencing sudden trauma, your dentures can break. You might need a denture repair visit if you:

  • Break a tooth
  • Lose a tooth
  • Stain your teeth
  • Crack the denture base

Denture repair also involves replacing your full or partial set of dentures if you lose them, or if they need to be remade from scratch because of damage.

How do I prepare for my denture repair appointment?

In most cases, your denture repair appointment simply involves getting updated X-rays, evaluating your gum health, and making molds of your gums. You don’t generally need to do anything in particular to prepare for your denture repair appointment.

If you had a tooth knocked out, make sure you keep it submerged in liquid — just like you normally do with your dentures — and bring it to your appointment with you. As long as the tooth isn’t cracked or broken, you might be able to have the tooth reattached to your denture base.

When will my denture repair be completed?

Denturist Grant Smith understands how frustrating it can be to be without your dentures for even a few hours. He has extensive training and expertise in repairing or replacing dentures as quickly as possible, while making you his No. 1 priority. Generally, it only takes about an hour to repair chips, breaks, or missing teeth.

If you need to have your dentures replaced, all you have to do is come into the office first thing in the morning for your exam, X-rays, and molds. Grant Smith uses those images and molds to design a new set of dentures for you right in the office using state-of-the-art 3D technology.

You can often pick up your new set of dentures later that day and be chewing with your new set of teeth by dinnertime.  

Use the online scheduler to book an appointment for denture repair at Grant Smith Denture Studio, or call the office to schedule.