Denture Services Specialist

Grant Smith, LD

Denture Specialist located in Eugene, OR

Your dentures are so much more than cosmetic. They’re precision dental appliances that enhance oral health, enable you to eat and speak normally, and let you fully participate in life. Like your natural teeth, they require regular maintenance and care. Grant Smith Denture Studio in Eugene, Oregon, provides a comprehensive suite of denture services, from initial consultations and fittings to adjustments, repairs, and replacements. Learn more by calling or booking an appointment with licensed denturist Grant Smith.

Denture Services Q & A

What kinds of denture services do you offer?

At Grant Smith Denture Studio, you have access to the highest quality denture services, including handcrafted dental appliances, custom fittings, and ongoing support for the life of your dentures. Services include:

  • Detailed denture consultations
  • Partial and full-denture manufacture and fitting
  • Same-day denture replacements
  • Denture maintenance, repair, and replacement

What should I expect during a detailed denture consultation?

A detailed denture consultation with Grant Smith, LD, is the first step to restoring your beautiful smile. During your session, he discusses your needs and goals, and performs an intra-oral examination to assess the health of your gums and teeth. With that information, he develops a treatment plan for creating and fitting your custom dental appliance.

Do you make dentures on site?

Many clinics outsource dentures to remote vendors. Grant Smith Denture Studio makes and fits all partial and full dentures on site, allowing customization of every dental appliance for a perfect fit and natural appearance.

How long do I have to wait for replacement dentures after a tooth extraction?

No one wants to leave the dentist’s office with missing teeth. That’s why Grant Smith, LD, works with your dentist to create a precision mold of your teeth before the extraction. After the procedure, you get custom dentures that match your original teeth.

Are full denture sets comfortable and durable?

Created using the precision Acculiner system, your complete denture set is perfectly balanced, architecturally superior, and made of tough composite materials free from toxins, like cadmium, which may be found in other products. Providing a remarkably lifelike look, feel, and performance, these dentures will last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

What happens if my dentures become loose?

Over time, changes in the structure of your gums and jawbones can affect the comfort and fit of your dentures. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your dental appliance by having the areas that touch your gums relined, or resurfaced. This ensures a comfortable, slip-free fit.

Whether you’re getting your first partial or complete dentures, or aren’t satisfied with your current set, Grant Smith, LD, creates a customized treatment plan that delivers long-lasting, great-looking dental appliances. Schedule a consultation today to learn how dentures can restore your healthy, vibrant smile.