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With very few exceptions, dentists do not make dentures. They have them made at a laboratory. After working for more than 20 years in the dental laboratory, it was apparent to Grant that he could more easily address patient’s problems and concerns if he could deal with them directly. Many dental technicians these days have no formal training, and some of the best known denture clinics send their work to be fabricated in China.

Grant Smith Denture Studio is a local family owned clinic. Grant has a wealth of personal experience fabricating dental restorations for more than 38 years. At most clinics, fabrication of restorations is done by people who never see the patient. At Grant Smith Denture Studio, patients work directly with Grant in the process of restoring their smile, and Grant personally fabricates each custom restoration. It’s a very personalized, private studio experience.

When the services of a dentist or oral surgeon may be necessary to serve patient’s needs, Grant will help direct patients to trusted practitioners. This independence allows Grant Smith Denture Studio to match the patient with the dental specialist who they are most comfortable with.

Patients know that they can come directly to Grant Smith Denture Studio for all of their full and partial denture services.

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